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F.S.M. Food Systems Management Ltd. is a privately owned food services provider founded some forty years ago on sound, basic, family values, and fair business principles and practices. Our major focus is in the corporate and educational sectors.  The diverse nature of our clientele has appreciated our creative, flexible, and diligent approach, probably because our family business management style keeps us efficient and user-friendly.  These factors, along with our caring and dedicated staff that focus on food quality and customer service excellence, have been the reasons for our success and the retention of many satisfied long-term clients.

FSM is committed to excel in food services and that commitment has been well recognized in the Winnipeg community and elsewhere.  For example, FSM was presented with a “Food Service Merit Award” by the City of Winnipeg Environmental Health Services on numerous occasions.  As well, other food service firms have engaged FSM leadership personnel as consultants to share their expertise with firms in Manitoba, and elsewhere in North America.

FSM versatility in the field is well established as evidenced by its ability to handle small and large events professionally and efficiently, while delivering high quality products and services.  We also met the challenge of hosting a 6000-employee picnic during an anniversary event at one of the largest manufacturing companies in Winnipeg.

FSM remains committed to exceed significantly our clients’ expectations for quality and service.  Our ability to establish and maintain a highly-valued relationship with out clients will continue to evolve well into the future.  FSM’s total package is designed to provide direct benefits to both staff and others in our clients’ food services facilities.    

The Mission of Food Systems Management Ltd. is to:

professionally manage and operate our clients’ food services,
provide direct benefits to both staff and others,
encourage and promote healthy and nutritious food choices
in a friendly and inviting environment.

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